The Nanyang Junior College Alumni Association was first pitched by Mr Chia Khoon Hock in 1988 and officially a registered society on the 15 June 1988. The first annual general meeting was held with her first Executive Committe formed on the 17 June 1989.

Objectives of the Alumni

  • To perpetuate the friendship formed at Nanyang Junior College and strengthen the links between past and present students.
  • To maintain contact between the College and past staff and students.
  • To secure the co-operation and active support of the Alumni in carrying out the aims and objectives of the college.
  • To promote the cultural, intellectual and social interest of its members.

About Nanyang Junior College

In the 1970s, Nanyang Junior College, the seventh JC to be built, was established to meet the growing demand for a JC education. In 1972, the Building Committee, chaired by Mr Goh Tjoei Kok (JP, BBM), was formed and construction of the college began in early October 1976.

In consultation with the Ministry of Education, the Lorong Chuan Junior College Building Committee appointed Mr Chia Khoon Hock, the then Specialist Advisor/Science as Principal Designate on 1st August 1977. Initially, the college was named Lorong Chuan Junior College because of its location. On 19th November 1977, after the fifth meeting of the Building Committee, it was officially changed to Nanyang Junior College, with the approval of the Ministry of Education. Nanyang JC is a government-aided JC.

The first cohort of Arts and Science students, about 600 altogether, was enrolled in January 1978. They were housed temporarily in the then Westlake Secondary School. With the completion of the construction of the major buildings and facilities in November 1978, the staff and students were able to move to the new premises in December 1978.

Moving into the new premises at Lorong Chuan involved the mammoth task of organising the college and getting it into the most efficient working condition. There were obstacles faced, but the sense of fulfilment in overcoming these challenges was rewarding.